Sharon Johnson

Ever since I started using The Top 10 Morning Movements to Loosen Up Your Joints DVD program, I feel freer in my joints. It no longer feels as though I am walking using tree stumps when I get up in the morning.

申博体育Today, when I got up off the floor after my exercises I did not groan or gasp! Thank you so much for all the information you share. I appreciate the depth of the explanations and trust what you say. It is much appreciated!

Sharon Johnson
Oamaru, North Otago, New Zealand


I like program very much. Even after some days of doing those, I feel more energized and I already feel more flexible. It takes not more than 10 minutes. Fantastic!

Kadri Kullman
Tartu, Tartumaa, Estonia


Jacqueline Lanoix

I would describe the program as the program you’re looking for to take you from debilitating low back pain to pain-free back in a few days.

The exercises are very easy to perform and provide almost instant pain relief. You are in charge of deciding when you’re ready to jump to the next level. Once you’ve been pain-free for a few days, it’s a good idea to start a strengthening program to restore your strong back.

Jacqueline Lanoix
St. Laurent, QC, Canada


申博体育 I ordered the program because of debilitating pain when standing in place or walking. I couldn’t find any comfortable position while in bed, which resulted in many hours of constant cramping/burning pain and loss of sleep.

I knew of a few stretch/exercises from a previous episode of Piriformis Syndrome but learned many more, effective stretch exercises from Rick Kaselj。 My pain became less soon after using the program。 It has different stages of exercises that you can progress through every 2-3 weeks, and shows you how to minimize the chance of recurrence of Piriformis pain。

The best benefit of this program is that it is complete with staged treatments and maintenance exercises。 It has easy to learn videos and PDF manuals with explanations that you can refer to。 The cost for the program is nominal for all the long-term benefits you get。



I have tried the program and ever since I did the program, I have less back pain now and able to stand up longer without my back tightening.

Kenneth Fisco
Twinsburg, OH


Aside from the , I’m also doing the program and these two seem to be helping already with the pain and functionality of my hip, which has been bound up and painful for a long time. I also like that each follow-along exercise only takes 9 to 12 minutes, so it’s easy to throw in before a standard workout.

Teresa Oldham
Bloomington, IN


The exercises in the Best Deal Bundle program are thorough, well-presented, effective, and better than the Physio I have been seeing. I saw results very quickly. I am now in the second stage of the shoulder tear, while my girlfriend had the same results for the meniscus program.

It helped me and my girlfriend enormously。 I’m glad I took the chance。 I got really good value for my money。 Thank you!

Roland Bérard – Videotron
Brossard, QC, Canada


Tracy Kitching

I’ve been doing Stage 1 of the program for less than a week and I am already seeing results. I’m sleeping better, the pain down the outside of my left leg no longer wakes me in the night and I no longer have constant pain down my leg.

I feel stronger and more confident than I have for ages。 I know that this program will eventually cure me。 I am so happy!

I’ve got my life back and I cannot thank you enough Rick!

Tracy Kitching
Malaga, Spain


LuAnne B.

With just 2 weeks of doing the program, I began to notice that my shoulder was indeed beginning to improve and have less pain and better mobility。 I no longer wake with pain in the middle of the night。

I even notice that my neck has a better range of motion, and I hadn’t even realized that it was limited. I also love that it is easy to do and effective.

LuAnne B.
New York, NY


申博体育 “I have been battling with low back and hip pain and doing the has helped alleviate these pain. I love everything about the program and I can say that this is the best exercise I have found to relieve my pain!”

Penny DeLong
Jacksonville, PA


I’d say that the is effective and target a muscle group that’s usually neglected.

Elizabeth Wilkes
West Virginia, New Zealand


Glenn Williams

The program has a nice streamline of exercises that targets treatment areas that Chiroprators and Therapists overlooked.

I also like that the programs are set up so that a variety of ages and levels can pick these programs up。

Glenn Williams
Grand Junction, CO


Gabriele O'Neill

After more than three weeks of numbness and tingling, my leg and foot are better now and my hip and sacrum feel great also! Thanks to the .

I am truly grateful to have found your material.

Gabriele O’Neill
Lower lake, CA


James Kalonick

申博体育Considering the short period of time I have been using the program, I feel so much better now.

申博体育I have less pain with greater range of movement and a feeling of relaxation in my shoulders and upper back。

James Kalonick
St. Clairsville, OH


The product is the best exercise program that I’ve spent money on. I tried it last night and for the first time, I slept without any pain.

Peter Tacon
Mandurah, WA, Australia


These simple exercises from the program helped my hurting knee to feel better. Now, it is so much lighter.

There are also different versions of the same exercise to choose from, so you are getting a simpler exercise with the same effect.

DeDe Appleby
Arlington, Texas


“Before I got , I had been in such pain that I couldn’t walk very far at all. I told my doctor I had a bad pain in the center of my hip, I couldn’t explain where the pain. Eventually, one of my doctors referred me to physical therapy and the therapist informed me of the hip flexor and the psoas muscle. She gave me a couple of exercises to do, but then she did a pressure point maneuver that actually worked! The pain was gone! But it came back shortly after. It was a temporary fix.

I then saw the ad of 。 The exercises were so much more involved and easy。 They had the greatest impact! I got so much information, and am now able to walk as far as I want! This program has made my quality of life so much better! And to think, I went for at least a decade with this horrible pain in my hip! How can I ever thank you enough for the relief I’ve received! All I have to do are these simple exercises and it changed my life…

Thanks so much!

Deborah LaClair


The reason I bought the program was that I have a torn gluteus medial muscle. The program is helping to stretch the muscles and ease the pain.

What I like best about the program is that there is a variety of exercises that I can do.

Judy Hahn
Daytona Beach, FL


Before I started using the , my life was mostly sedentary due to my knee replacements. When I started using the program, I feel more alert and energetic.

Christy Svatson
Rolling Prairie, IN


The program is well-explained and easy to follow. I just finished Stage 1 and I am very pleased with the result.

The pain is practically gone and I gained more flexibility.

Bernard Lapointe
Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada


申博体育 So far, I can say that the program is comprehensive and excellent. The first areas worked on keeping the blood flowing, then getting the motion back. Also, they worked on balance.

I am doing very well and my new hips have totally restored me to a new life。

Mike Singer
Indian Harbour Beach, FL


The program is a short but effective program that you can do 2 to 3 times a week. I have only been doing the exercises for about three days now but it has already made a big difference.

Colleen Enns
Winnipeg, MB, Canada


Tatyana Kulikovski

申博体育I purchased the program because last year my 73 years old sister suffered from severe pain in her lower leg. The doctors and chiropractors could not make a diagnosis as it was impossible to conduct computed tomography because of the pain.

It was only in July 2019 when she started using this along with your other two programs; , and 。 After 14 days, all her pain are ceased! Thank you so much for these great products。 Now, It’s easier and comfortable for her to stand。

Tatyana Kulikovski
Moscow, Russia


Marna Benton

I’m on the Beginners Level of program and I must say Rick Kaselj’s explanation and demonstration of the movements has helped me tremendously.

I feel like I’m finally making slow progress after being released from the rehab。 All in all, I have learned so much about my body and how it works。 Thank you!

Marna Benton
Etna, CA


Tina Levy

My biggest obstacle to exercising is my forward head position. I am using the program and it is slowly helping me to regain mobility in my neck that has been lacking for over a year now. My stiff neck is less painful, thanks to your program. I am also starting to phase out the doctor prescribed Physical Therapy because I believe your system is more gentle.

申博体育This is the first time in a long time that I am not constantly complaining about neck pain. So, big thanks for the work you do, Rick. You are a true blessing to your customers and you make your programs so affordable.

Tina Levy
St. George, UT


The is a balanced program involving self-massage and stretching. It gently starts slowly in stages. It is effective, wholistic, and a must-have program for every person recovering from SI pain.

John Cislo
Livingston, NJ


I have only been doing the program for three days and I feel great. Better than I have felt in several years!

I am so excited to continue the program and see the results.

Kimberly Priestley
Mesa, AZ


Thank you for helping me to finally resolve my lower back pain. The is the solution to correcting my very old back issue. My back doesn’t hurt at all.

Robert Kerr
Dover, DE


Terrie Hook

I have a broken femur that is now healing。 Although I had Physical Therapy and beginning to stay active, I knew something was not getting completely addressed。 But the helped me quite quickly that is why I recommend Rick Kaselj’s programs to other people!”

Terrie Hook
Roy, WA


Chester Deron

I used to feel a bit of stiffness when I wake up and have to move gingerly so as to not pull or strain any muscles. After doing program, I am more flexible in the mornings and can move around more easily as the program assisted in increasing my flexibility.

Chester Deron
Ontario, Canada


I would say that before using the program I wasn’t exercising even though I wanted to. I am now doing the exercises most evenings and I am feeling much better.

Renee Rinderknecht
Olympia, WA


The pain I had been experiencing has diminished considerably thanks to the program. I am now nearly pain-free. Thank you!

Dennis Barber
Texas, USA


I started searching the internet for hip pain. I ran across your program and sat at my PC in pain and bought the product. After the first session, I got up off the floor and realized that I was able to do it without the aid of a table, even more I was standing up straight!I felt looser and more relaxed than I had in a very long time. I immediately sat down and ordered the after my first session. I wanted all of this I could get. I have used the program for just a short time but my hip pain is reduced to 90%, I am standing up straighter than I have in years. I am sleeping better and more relaxed. My workouts at the gym are much more effective. I feel like a normal person again. I have a normal life back.

Thank you for your program. It has made a tremendous difference in my life.

Tim Roper
Clarksville, TN


It’s been only a week since I used the Iliotibial Band Syndrome Solution program and I can already feel some improvement. This program works and I will recommend it at this point.

Susan Bramer
Ormon Beach, FL


I have used the for a few days but I can already feel the benefit. I can walk to the kitchen without my stick.I am expecting that things will improve more so that I can go out on my own.

Mollie Dewar
Basingstoke, Hants, UK


is easy and works quickly. You can feel the difference after the first workout and it doesn’t take much time at all to do the exercises. This program is a great way to get stronger.

Joanne Berg
Victoria, BC


Teresa K.

At age 60, I am waking up and going to bed with overall stiffness and aches. What I like best about the is that I can do it quickly when I notice discomfort without changing my clothes or getting sweaty. I usually do it several times a day.

Teresa K.
Las Cruces, NMI


My pain has subsided and I am gaining strength since I started using the program.I’ve also purchased the program and started doing it first as I have tight hip flexors on one side and weak on the other. The program had helped me as well.

Anna Vogt
Saint Joseph, MI


Kathrin Ohle

申博体育Rick Kaselj’s videos have helped me so much!

I had a tight hip flexor, so I started using the exercises in the program consistently every other day and I felt an improvement quickly. The problem completely dissolved after a few weeks.

Kathrin Ohle
Carlsbad, California


I am currently working on 3 programs by Rick, namely , , and Programs.Although I am still at Level 1, I can feel that I am making progress while enjoying the programs!

Denise A.
Annapolis, MD


I’ve started using and I’m very happy. I use it in the morning and feel very limber all day! I hope to finally be able to lose weight while doing something great for my body.

Sara Gelbard
Jerusalem, Israel


I like the progress and the range of actions you show on the program.I would say that this program have good possibilities and I would like to emphasize also that Rick is a very understanding and good instructor.

David P. Ballou
Ann Arbor, MI


Ruth M.

I’ve been doing the program for three weeks as I have a partial hamstring tear on my ligaments。 So far, I think the exercises help me by warming me up and I definitely feel better after some of the exercises。

These exercises just give me another perspective on exercises I already know of, but a different routine instead of doing the same routine day in and day out。 It is also a short routine so there are no excuses! I know of all the exercises that are listed but I enjoy a short routine mixed up differently, and sometimes scale it up by increasing repetitions。

Ruth M.
New York, NY


Ray Posner

I did the Program today and after 1 session I feel an improvement in my flexibility. The program is also well-laid-out with great combination of videos and manuals. It has tracking sheets which are essential in any training program.

I could say that Program is a simple easy-to-follow program with progressive steps. It starts off with easy exercises which will gradually build flexibility and strength before moving on to the next stage.

I will now do this every day as I want full recovery.

Ray Posner
Wauchope,NSW, Australia


Margaret Parry

I’m 65 years old and the program is taking me further towards a stronger and more balanced position. The program is clear and easy to understand.

The comments about what each exercise should achieve or muscles used reinforce on why you should be doing them。 Plus, it is easy to do anywhere in your house。

Margaret Parry
Greenhithe, England


Terry Davis

I have only been doing the program for just a few days as I have been working a lot for the past few weeks with my profession。

So far, I saw this program as a means of getting my exercise easier than trying to schedule my walks in hot, cold, and rainy weather.

I’ve always been on the heavy side and would like to see the slim side of me. I know I can do it with this program.

Terry Davis
Bethel Island, CA


I suffered from Plantar Fasciitis and I believe this condition led to pain in my hip along with my hip freezing up on me throughout the day. This all made my work life very difficult as I have a physical job.After doing the exercises once, I felt relief that no other stretching, ice, heat, pain killers, NSAIDs gave me in the past. The program is very easy, time-saving and has targeted movements that zeroed in on my specific problem. So, glad I found this program and I am grateful to you!

Now, I know what movements to do to not only correct my hip issues but to also prevent flare-ups. I didn’t realize how physical pain and limitations were affecting me emotionally until I felt relief. But that is how chronic pain goes, I guess. I would encourage anyone with physical limitations to try this program. I am so glad I did!

Catherine Alfer Kraning
Pittsburgh, PA


Matthew Heissenbuttle

I am currently using the , the , and the programs. Before starting these programs, I had been experiencing stiffness, some pain, and an overall lack of flexibility and range of motion in my hip joints.

I only recently started these programs, but in the short period that I have been using them, I am starting to notice a very positive difference in the way my hips feel。 I feel somewhat looser with a little more range of motion, and the constant aches and pains are getting less and less。

I very much look forward to continuing this journey until I can finally say that I have no more issues. Rome wasn’t built in a day, but with your programs I know I can conquer this bit by bit. Thank you so much for these great programs!

Matthew Heissenbuttle
Charleston, SC


Colin Purchase

I received the and it has been very helpful in starting my morning routine. It also has minimum time to finish and it is satisfying to do!

Colin Purchase
Nerang, Queensland, AU


David Krasner

There is nothing in the program that I don’t like。 It is very helpful。 The program has an option to make the exercises less difficult or more difficult depending on your capacity。 It is worth it and just what I needed!

David Krasner
Lower Hutt, New Zealand


Amy Cordero

program is quick and effective no matter what level you are。 My shoulders have not been the same for almost 8 years but I can already feel a difference and change just within the first week。

Amy Cordero
Ogden, UT


Sylvia J Richardson

I am almost 73 years old and have arthritis and inflammation of some joints. Mobility can often be a problem for me, and exercise can be uncomfortable if not downright painful.

Before I got the program, I had become so disillusioned with my ability to follow any exercise program that I had almost given up trying。 Since doing the Stretching for Fat Loss program, I am finding that my general mobility has increased exponentially and much of the joint stiffness I was experiencing previously is starting to disappear。

There are many benefits to this program, but I would say that the greatest benefit for me was the renewed hope that there is something that I can do to help my own condition。 The exercises are so easy to follow and arranged on a gradient scale that anyone can follow – even me!

Sylvia J Richardson
Nova Scotia, Canada


has organized steps like an aerobic exercise.It can be easily be done by a 92-year old like me without much strain.

Jose Galvan
Anaheim, CA


Frances Pinkerton

申博体育The best thing about is being able to feel the exercises working and the small amount of space and equipment needed。

I would highly recommend the to anyone needing at-home exercise and describe it as the ultimate exercise book for people who “hate” exercising.

Frances Pinkerton
Killaloe, Ontario, Canada


Tatyana Kulikovski

The program is a great tool, It is brilliantly arranged, easy to understand and also effective.

申博体育Overall, my body has undoubtedly increased and sleeps become better。 The results exceeded all my expectations。 Everything Rick promised has miraculously came true!

Tatyana Kulikovski
Moscow, Russia


I bought the program because I have knee issues and I want to avoid knee replacement.I like that the exercises are combined in one short session and are easy and worth trying.

Nina W.
Maryland, USA


I have been doing the for 6 days now and this program seems to be doing it for me. It makes me really happy. So, I am going to keep going on it and get stronger.

Sheryl Hill
Airdire, AB, Canada


My life has improved with the help of . I now exercise more per week and I like the flexibility to workout at my own pace and increase the intensity when I feel like it. This program is a valuable addition to my entire fitness program.

Freeport, IL


I like the program because I can do them at home and they help me stay consistent with my workouts and gain strength daily。

Kimberly Brody
Boulder, CO


Rachel Deville

I bought the because my hip area is stiff. I am currently doing the two sessions every day for one week and I already got some immediate relief from back pain.

So far so good. I like the advice about placing a hand on the muscle to feel it working and the combination of with Glutes.

I would describe the program as simple to follow, well-explained and affordable。

Rachel Deville


Well, I am finally doing the program and it is really great! I am not an active 70- year old person but this is something I can really get into and actually do on a more consistent basis.

Sue Meservey
Norfolk, VA


I’ve had chronic pain in my upper back for years. I have seen physical therapists and tried numerous exercises but nothing seemed to help.Now, my posture is improving. Thanks to the program. The exercises take just a few minutes and it helps my shoulders to be less rounded. I am hopeful that this will continue to improve with the daily exercises from Exercises For Injuries.

Alison C.
Chicago, IL


David Mickelburough

Before doing the program, I have been getting progressively weaker in overall muscle strength and losing the basic balance skills.

Thanks to this program, I have seen a marked improvement in muscle recovery after exercise and have been able to continue with daily work routines without too much pain.

David Mickelburough
Melbourne, Australia


Curt Mccune

I have ordered many items from Exercises For Injuries: and , etc. and I am extremely satisfied. I am a former competitive boxer, and played college football for 2 years. As I have gotten older, injuries can creep up.

I work in law enforcement and at times sit for long periods of time。 The information I have gained from Rick has helped me in so many ways。 I have found tons of great information that I have put into my daily workout to help me make my body as injury-proof as possible。 I would highly recommend any of Rick’s books to anyone looking to stay injury-free and train the correct way and to make your body stronger。

Curt Mccune
Birmingham, AL


I have recently started using the program and I have integrated it with my posture regimen, and uses it as one workout about three times a week。Although it is a bit early to realize the full benefits, I definitely am starting to feel a positive shift not only in my forward head posture but also in my balance mainly in the feeling of more of a sense of ease when I stand up from a sitting position。

I’d like to thank you for your help and I am looking forward to further progress in these areas.

Karl Plofker
Novato, CA


Maureen Humpage

I am interested in keeping myself healthy. I am almost 82 and since February 2018, I have lived with a total hip replacement and would like to avoid the expense and trauma of having the other hip done though I cope well and still enjoy many forms of dancing.

Your program offered me a scientific approach that I could add to my other activities without taking up too much of my time.

Maureen Humpage
Murdoch, WA, Australia


The together with other programs that I tried in the past give me hope that I might be able to reverse some of my ailments even at least to the extent of feeling more mobile and with less pain, and maybe loose some weight as well。

As I started with Phase 1 yesterday, it felt refreshing to move again and noticed some reduction in low back pain from activating my abdominal muscles。

William Dennis
Lombard, IL


Aniela Grundy

I bought the to improve my performance of Argentine tango。

Even though I have not managed to exercise daily, I can feel the difference in my lower body, not to mention a better shape of my behind。

Aniela Grundy
Bradfield-Reading, UK


I’m an older athlete and I like to have variety in my workouts to keep them interesting and utilize different muscles。

The program fits the bill. I feel it is working all kinds of muscles. Plus, it is portable so I can use it anywhere! Great addition to my fitness routine.

Denise Toms
Upper Marlboro, MD


Margaret Dube

I’ve only been doing the program for about a week and a half but I feel more stable。 The 4-Step Timed Balance Steps, Heel to Toe Stands, Lunge Variation, Wall Push-up to Mountain Climber and Tandem Walking are the best ones as they are excellent exercises in improving my balance。

Although, the first couple of days was challenging, they are becoming easier now。 I would definitely recommend this program to others who are looking for fall prevention。

Margaret Dube
Cobbie Hill, BC, Canada


I had been having problems with my hip locking, then I found the program and ordered it。

I try to use the stretches weekly but definitely when my hip flexors lock. I also use the hamstring exercises. After a few sessions, I felt much better.

Debbie Lynn
Canton, GA


I’ve been doing your exercises for several weeks and I’ve gone from extreme discomfort to no pain at all. It’s fantastic!

申博体育I can now bounce out of bed and look forward to the day. You are my hero. Thank you Rick.

Glenis Hughes
Spencer Park, WA, Australia


I’ve been doing the exercise series for 2 days and I am honestly shocked. I slept with almost no pain last night for the first time in 2 years. And this is after therapy, weight training, foam rolling, stretching, and other attempts to rid myself of the nagging pain.

I thought my running days were over but I’m hopeful that after a few weeks of this program, I might be able to ease back in! Thank you.

Tawnie Cisneros
Chicago, IL


Jennifer Doyle

I only started with the Program a week ago, but the improvement to my walking is unbelievable! Before giving this a try, I would be in a bit of pain but it was the stiffness that really held me.

Now, I’m walking so much freely and I even started my running back up after 4 years。 I really like that it does not take long to do and you don’t need any equipment to do them with。 Thank you so much Rick for making these exercises available!

Jennifer Doyle
Queensland, Australia


“I have only done the workout a couple of times at this point but I felt satisfied with the workouts when I finished. I can add extra repetitions for more of a workout if I need for future workouts. Having enough time to complete and workout that encompasses cardio and strengthening is always hard to come by and this program brings it all together.

I also like the ease, simplicity and realness of the program. Having the ability to view the instructional videos is really helpful. Jenna is always wonderful to have as an instructor!”

Carmen Corbeil
Bonnyville, AB, Canada


Peter West

“After doing 10 or 12 sessions, I am finding the exercises getting easier and I am not fighting so much for breath。 Best part is the exercises are not too difficult to follow or do。 So, there is nothing to dislike here。 The program is suited to anyone and it will improve your cardiovascular system safely and effectively。”

Peter West
Fife, United Kingdom


“I have improved since doing several of Rick’s programs over the past couple of years。 I am able to walk now, usually a couple of miles or more。 I can stand much more comfortably with both legs just about the same length now。 It no longer hurts to stand on my right leg。

The Program gives me much of my life back。 I feel much more confident knowing I have knowledge of specific exercises that are good for the hips, and though it seems to be very gradual, I am encouraged that I am doing much better now than 2 to 3 years ago。”

Sandra Taylor
Nova Scotia, Canada


Julie Pyle

The series is a well-planned, easy-to-follow exercise routine which gently guides the user through a series of movements to increase strength and movement in this critical area。

It starts with self- assessment and moves through beginning to advanced exercise routines at a programmed pace similar to what a physical therapist would do. This program uses very little equipment and can be started at home.

Julie Pyle
Carson, CA


First, I would like to say that program is amazing! It really works。

This has got me feeling like I can get my metabolism going again without half killing myself. So hooray to Rick and his programs!

Sheryl Hill
Airdrie, AB, Canada


My greatest challenge is that I have one leg shorter than the other. This leads to pain in the lower back and glute area, especially in the evening.

It has been a lot better since I started doing the program. It helped improve my posture. I am hoping it will go away completely the pain in my lower back and glute area.

Wendy Owen
Queensland, Australia


I developed SI joint dysfunction during my pregnancy 4 years ago。 I faithfully went to PT, chiropractic, massage and acupuncture – all of which helped, but weren’t long-term solutions。 I was in pain and had trouble walking。 Being out of joint caused compensation in the rest of my body leading to neck pain, back pain and more。

When I did the exercises on the program, my pain was resolved within 2 day, which saved me tons of money on extra therapies。 Now, I am back to yoga and running。

Esther Hansen, RDN
Fort Collins, CO


I did my first set today for the program and I can definitely tell it’s doing something! As I’m doing some of the stretches I can feel that “good burn”。Crossing my fingers for continued results! I’m going to try and challenge my husband to do them with me so he can get a small idea of what I’m doing。

Christina Schmidt
Flint, MI


Bob Hatibovich

My knowledge of the human body has been enhanced significantly over the last 3 years or so since I started utilizing your website. The program is absolutely easy to understand and use. The vast range of solutions you provide has made it easier to treat my clients significantly better.

I am forever grateful to all your programs!

Bob Hatibovich
Adelaide, South Australia


Trish Austin

I have low back SI joint pain and Lumbar pain, which is why I bought the program.

The program is specifically geared towards back pain and not just another glute exercise. I would definitely recommend your program to other people.

Trish Austin
Grand Junction, CO


I do like The program because it has basic to advanced levels of exercises. I also like that a lot of the exercises border on yoga.

Wiliiam DeYoung
Bend, OR


I’m perfectly normal and not in any pain before or after the program.

I did the exercises on the program and I must say, it is really quality made and excellent!

Hoan Quan
Tacoma, WA USA


I have tried the two drinks presented in the and they are very tasty and refreshing。

申博体育The salmon and cucumber tarts taste great! Thank you very much for sharing!

Benoit Simard
申博体育 San Andrés Tuxtla, Ver., México


I have only done the exercises on the program for one week and it has helped me. I used to have a painful, jammed up like the LA freeway shoulder but it has less pain now.

Dave Benner
Lenoir City, TN


The helped my morning pain and has become a part of my morning routine. It is not difficult to do and does not take up much time!

Moraga, CA


After 15 years of being chronically ill from Lymes and having had lung cancer, I finally have enough energy to start exercising。

I’ve been following your program and I can see a difference in my energy levels. With these exercises, I can tell that not only my body is responding, but also my brain is activating and my muscles are finally waking up. Thank you!

Judith Dechat
Woodford, VA


Before I started using the program, I felt a lot of body stiffness and lethargy. After doing the program for some time, I do not feel any morning stiffness.

The main benefit for me is the increase in energy levels since I started using the exercises in the program.

Tim Berryman
Rowville, VI, Australia


I have struggled with being consistent with exercising as I have trouble with my feet and walking is no longer a good option for exercise。 Then, I found the program。 It is easy to do and short, making it easier to get motivated to actually do it!

Sharon Helmick
Wellington, OH


On the other days, I use the as a break upon awakening and between TV shows and computer sessions. These are especially helpful since the descriptions and pictures remind me of necessary details.Very few will stay committed to a very complex, time-consuming array of activities but these stretches can be easily achieved! Thanks!

Robert Mcclendon
Oceanside, CA


Ron Miller

I am reaching my 81st anniversary on Earth and the along with are really helping my shoulders, back and neck.

It is a must-own program and it works!

Ron Miller
ON, Canada


After two weeks of doing the ,I have more mobility and slightly less pain. I am only using Stage 1 exercises, so far. The combination of detailed video and print instructions with the shorter “real-time” video workout are very easy-to-follow.

Scott Schreiber
Atlanta, GA


The program helped me in strengthening my shoulder。 The Assessment and the 3-Stage Exercise manuals are what I like best about the program。 This is a set of safe exercises for the shoulder。”

David Moenich
Cleveland, OH


I have now downloaded the and obediently tried the first exercise at the first level. I am glad I made myself do it as it was easy and effective!

Elizabeth Wilkes
Wellington, NZ


My experience with has been positive and I am hopeful that with this program, I will improve my strength and mobility.

John McKay
Mt. Pleasant, UT


Lee Lunday

I’m 74 years old and my shoulders have been diagnosed with degenerative arthritis. I do believe that the exercises from are helping. Of course, great results don’t happen overnight, so I’m being very patient.

I’ve only been doing the exercises a couple of weeks but so far I really enjoy doing the stretch exercises. The program really works!

Lee Lunday
Henderson, Nevada, USA


Jacqueline Lanoix

The program has been useful. I love the fact that this program provides a double punch, which allows me to strengthen and tone my muscles while providing some cardio workout.

Jacqueline Lanoix
Ville Saint-Laurent, QC, Canada


I don’t like running, spinning, etc. but I feel that I need the equivalent cardio, which is why I ordered the program. I’ve only just started the program but it seems to work so far.I also like the fact that all sessions are both video and PDF. Sometimes I don’t have time to watch the videos, so the PDFs are a quick fix. This program is an ideal solution for anyone who needs cardio exercise but doesn’t like the traditional cardio approaches.

Neal McCrea
Manchester, UK


I used to feel pain in my right shoulder when moving my arm horizontally and doing press ups. I have been doing the Stage 1 for 3 weeks now and the pain has improved and hardly noticeable.This is a good program! I like how the exercises are arranged and the way they are demonstrated.

Nanette Mayesux
Lakeland, LA


Steven Gusmus

I like the fact that there are only 8 exercises to do in the program and they do not take a lot of time.

申博体育It is also simple, easy and effective program that helps with stiffness and pain in the shoulder.

Steven Gusmus
Pelham, AL


The is an effective program to reactivate and strengthen the gluteus medius.

It has a clear and well-illustrated instructions and sensational gripping set of exercises!

Ambrose Gillham
Bristol, UK


I was able to fall asleep a couple of hours earlier after doing the . On the second night, I was able to sleep 9 hours in total, something that seldom happens because I often wakes up in the morning due to body pain & stiffness.

I am happy with the improvements。 Thanks to the program!

Brenda Nielsen
Bagsvaerd, Denmark


The program has really helped me. I have been suffering from hip and sciatica issues for months and after several days now, I feel great. Nothing else has helped. The simplicity of these exercises make it easy to get results.

Rick Micoli
Honeoye Falls, NY


Rob Roell

The pain in my right elbow was causing problems with being able to do even the simplest things, like opening a bottle of water or ketchup。 Even more importantly to me, it was causing problems with throwing and batting while playing softball。

I have only been using the seriously for about 3 days now and already see an improvement in the pain. The trigger points are less prominent and the pain is greatly reduced. I look forward to eliminating this stuff altogether.

Rob Roell
Plano, TX


The taught me how to warm up effectively so all my muscles are primed and ready to give 100% to the workout. This program is what I was looking for.Before , the only other warm up I did where my muscles truly felt primed was a 20 minute swim in the pool. Thanks to I have a lot more options for warming up before a workout.

John Levers


I have started the program and I am pleased with the results. I do the exercises 3 times per day and the tightness in my left foot big toe is gone.Before, I sit at work and experience night time cramping. And when I did the , I haven’t had that painful cramping since I started your program.

Mary Mcgahey
Renton, WA


Susan Baudanza

Before starting the , I am experiencing some trouble in sleeping. Then, I came across the program. I have bought it and started doing it. I immediately noticed an improvement and have better sleep at night! I also appreciate the clarity of explanations in the videos.

Susan Baudanza
Marstons Mills, MA


I’m 85 years old and I like everything in the program. Though I’m still trying to find out what part of the program is good for me and what I have to adjust, but definitely I think your programs now are best on internet!

Michael B.


Waldemar Weber

I am now doing the and I feel very encouraged so far during the first week. I intend to try some of your other workout primers as my exercise program eventually evolves. I try to be consistent without being repetitive. Slow and subtle changes keep me interested and involved.

Waldemar Weber
Bowling Green, OH


I just took a look at the 。 Very clever recipes! I am putting some of the ingredients on my grocery list。 Thanks for the cookbook!

Dianne Ellerington
Barrhead, AB, Canada


Jerri-Anne McDermith

申博体育I was having trouble walking on a track especially when I increased my speed。 Once I started doing the program before walking, I experienced no further hip problems and in fact all hip and knee problems have virtually resolved。

And so this is why I purchased the today. I used to teach yoga, and I found that warming up the muscles and joints before class was the best way to prevent injuries and I think the Primer Workout System is great and a lot more fun than walking to warm up. Best of luck to you!

Jerri-Anne McDermith
Maggie Valley, NC


Lori Fuller

I have been doing the Stage 1 exercises of and I like how effective and fast the exercises。 I can even do it during a commercial break。 It is easy and keeps me motivated。 Thank you!

Lori Fuller
申博体育 Evansville, IN


Rajnish Kumar

I am very happy with program because Rick explains the exercises techniques in a manner that is easily understood by a normal person。

The Stability Ball is also quite handy item。 I am now able to balance my body better。 Plus, I have been able to do extra tough core exercises without getting injuries, thanks to the unique design of stability ball and the Strong & Stable Stability Ball Workout program!

Rajnish Kumar
Dehradun, India


I ordered the Program and it has helped me to keep moving while my foot is healing。 This is a program that can keep you active and exercising when you are unable to stand or walk/run。

Beth Perry
Minneapolis, MN


The programs that really got me going and improving my overall pains was the and the 。 With just those two programs, I have improved by leaps and bounds! My posture is almost normal, with little hint of slumping, back pain is less。

This happened in just over two weeks. I expect to be practically pain-free in the next two more weeks!

Dr. Jag Gill
Applecross, WA, AU


As with all your products, the was great. It reduced the pain and increased my range of motion.

申博体育I have recommended your products to everyone I know who has a physical problem。 They are well worth the money!

Donald Holcomb
Jackson, TN


I am 79 years old and have been having trouble with my hips locking up making walking, even to the mail box, problematic. I went to a PT, Neurologist, etc. and was told my hip joints were in good condition and that I did not need laser spine surgery.

申博体育Then, I found your program on the internet. I have been doing that program since July and have had a great deal of success with it.

The other therapists I visited had some of the correct exercises, but their plans were not effective。 I absolutely had immediate positive results with yours。

Norman Wicks
Roswell, GA


I ordered the program and it has helped me to keep moving while my foot is healing. This is a program that can keep you active and exercising when you are unable to stand or walk/run.

Beth Perry
Minneapolis, MN


Julie Krasicki

I started having a lot of pain and not getting better after many Chiropractor visits and exercises from my Physiotherapist。 So, I started researching programs online then stumbled across the program。 Now, I am getting lots of relief and life feels much brighter!

Julie Krasicki
Syndey, NSW, AU


Tatyana Kulikovski

I am doing the program and it is brilliant。 This program is light and at the same time extremely effective。

Thanks to the program I became more slender. My body is changing and I know I’m going to improve further.

Tatyana Kulikovski
Moscow, Russia


Beverley Weinberger

I endured a painful Achilles Tendons for 6 months and after trying out the program, I am now living without the pain and limp!

I will definitely continue the program and read all the helpful emails from Exercises For Injuries!

Beverley Weinberger
Jericho, NY


I am starting to do the and I have less discomfort on my lower back and hip area.This program is simple to understand and an excellent way to rehabilitate injury.

Angie Hayes


I was prompted to order the program because I have been very limited to what I could do. Then I came across the program, I thought it sounded just right for me.The has helped me so much. Since I started the program, I feel so much better in myself. Although some of the exercise are challenging for me at the moment, I know it is making me stronger.

My friends can see the difference and I tell them about the program. I would definitely recommend the to anyone.

Pat Johnson
Rasmussen, QLD, AU


Prabhu lal Devand

I started doing the exercises regularly. I noticed that it gives me more energy, improved my posture and breathing.

It is also educating me about the lower part of the body, which is really amazing。 I am hopeful that this program will add value to my overall health and well-being。

Prabhu lal Devand
Jaipur, Rajsthan, India


“The program is perfect for me as I am looking for some exercises that wouldn’t leave me sore or stiff.I am turning 70 years old soon and these exercises are really helping me stretching my joints. It is also easy to do and remember.”

Bernard Rodwell
Fraser, ACT, AU


Alancheril Lukose

“With The Exercises, I get my whole body enjoy the workout and I feel my body relaxes. I make sure to do this every day and I love it! My desire and motivation keep me going.”

Alancheril Lukose
North Richland Hills, TX


Leslie Shaw

“The program helped me because the exercises are simple and do-able. It is also well-described and it holds a built-in ‘no excuses’ component to my mind.

So, if someone is ready to take baby steps back to health, it is helpful to declare a do-able and non-negotiable exercises like the program。”

Leslie Shaw
Lyons, NY


“When I saw your sale on the program, there were several things that really got me excited like the idea that it promotes fat-burning, low-impact style and it is designed to be scaled up as you progress。 Oh, and the sale price was probably the clincher。I have started downloading all the pieces and begun playing with the Getting Started level and I can already tell that it is gentle enough not to cause me problems and active enough that my body is responding positively。

I am looking forward to using the program to build my way back to a more active and energetic life!”

Lincoln Clark
Maryland, USA


The is a comprehensive program to help alleviate pain. It includes a personal assessment, videos on how to perform the exercises along with a PDF you can print out for reference.It also includes a tracker, so you can easily mark off each exercise and the days. I had a question when I first got the program so I emailed them and they actually answered!”

Shelly S.
Tacoma, WA


“I needed a simple core workout exercises that wouldn’t be too physically demanding, so the program is perfect as it has simple low impact exercises that builds stability in your core and strengthens mental attitude and confidence in yourself.”

Nathan Barker
Kalamazoo, MI


申博体育I’ve had a permanent Charlie horse for 2 years and since I ordered the program, I am noticing some real improvementsI do the stretches a few times a week and my jammed hip and butt cheek are starting to release. I’m so happy the Unlock Your Hip Flexors program is helping me.

Debbie Tucker
Wayne, NJ


Dimitris Paraskevopoulos

申博体育I have been doing the exercises and I already feel some improvements in the pain and in my flexibility.

What I also like is that the exercises are well structured and all materials are clear and easy to follow. It doesn’t take too long to finish the whole routine, which is about 30 minutes.

Dimitris Paraskevopoulos
Athens, Greece


Jennie Duncan

“Having suffered an ankle injury 15 years ago, exercise for me was non-existent. I am just doing regular daily tasks until I saw the program.

申博体育For the first time in a long while I can feel the strength slowly returning within my body。 Thank you for giving consistent good information and quality programs that do get results!”

Jennie Duncan
Ballina, NSW, Australia


Prior to the program, I was in intense pain from extremely tight psoas muscles. My hips and lower back were basically immobile.When researching these exercises, I came upon your program. It was such a reasonable price that I decided to give it a shot. I found the exercises to be easy to follow and the details are very helpful.

I also started following Healing Through Movement fan page on Facebook. The program helped me loosen up enough to enjoy riding my horse again as well as walking for any distance.”

Carshon Engalberts
Account Manager Fulfillment Operations
Sterling, IL


Just now, things are really starting to improve for me. It actually feels like I will have a stronger back because of the program.Thank you!

Jack Roxbrough
Annandale, VA


Judy Louden

I feel stronger and it is helping with some of the physical problems I have。 It is also helping in my mobility and range of motion。 The number one benefit of the program probably is that it is getting me to move again。

Plus, the is a short program but it gets me sweating。 So, I know it is a good workout!

Judy Louden
Pocatello, ID


申博体育It’ll be day 3 of using the program and I must say I’ve noticed quite a difference。 The muscles are still not activated but the pain is practically gone。I just wanted to say thank you and I will continue to do the program and hope for more results。

Gabe Reyes
Ventura, CA


Vera Goodacre

I have already been your follower for a couple of months. I ordered two programs from you and these exercises are helping a lot.

My whole body has been rotated to the right and no Physiotherapist seems to get it, none of them helped me to untwist。 Now, I can do that one stretch with left elbow on the wall and I am unwinding。 Thanks to The Pain Hacker DVD and the programs!

I hope I am getting back to real life again.

Vera Goodacre
Semi- Retired College Professor
Largo, FL