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Exercises For Injuries
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Nov 10, 2020
by Anjelo Cuasay on Exercises For Injuries
Changed my Life!

I cannot express enough how thankful for the programs you offer especially Unlock Your Hip Flexors. This helped me to get back on track by having an active pain free life. I am now able to do the things I love and not worry about never-ending pain in my hips and back. I highly recommend this program to anyone who does not know where to start since all of the exercises provided here can be easily done. Thank you so much!

Oct 13, 2020
by Andrew on Exercises For Injuries
A Big Help!

I've been suffering from Sciatica for YEARS! It greatly affected my walking, recreational activities, MY WHOLE LIFE! But the discomfort improved when I did the Low Back Pain Solved Program. It has detailed instructions for every assessment and exercise and I observed the changes after a week. Super recommended! Much thanks to the people behind it!

Oct 6, 2020
by Dale Kettley on Exercises For Injuries
Unlock Your Hip Flexors

I studied the coaching videos intently for a couple of evenings and then did the follow-along video prior to my workout. I was gobsmacked. I could immediately squat with form and power not previously available to me from the very first run-through, I was debating whether this had really just happened whilst grinning like an idiot. Unlock Your Tight Hamstrings was next and that too worked miracles. I’m sure there are some other great companies and programs available but I can’t vouch for that as EFI is my one-stop-shop and has been for 2-3 years, bravo to the whole crew including the video recording people, and the after-sales service is top-notch. The closest thing to regaining your youth. Best wishes to all and sundry 👍😎😃

Aug 17, 2020
by SJ Chesnut on Exercises For Injuries
Years behind Desk

Thank you for this quality Bodyweight Blender program. I have only just started today and I am very please with the way your program works with step by step instructions, the progression, and the charts. This program has given me renewed confidence to begin to build my strength back especially from inactivity and desk job for so many years. I appreciate you for sharing your experience and wisdom in helping others.

Aug 5, 2020
by Daniel Tkach on Exercises For Injuries

The Best Deal bundle is a good and compact collection of exercises at a reasonable price
I like best the included 5 min Fabulous Workout. It is short and efficient.

Aug 2, 2020
by Daniel Tkach on Exercises For Injuries
Top 10 Morning Movements to Loosen Up Your Joints

The "Top 10 Morning Movements to Loosen Up Your Joints ” is my favorite exercise program. Quick and easy. I feel stiff when I’m out of bed, but I feel much better after practicing it, which I do every morning, together with the Flexibility Over 40 program.

Aug 2, 2020
by Daniel Tkach on Exercises For Injuries
Great morning start

Almost every morning I start with the "Top 10 Morning Movements to Loosen Up Your joints" and follow with the "Flexibility Over 40" standing routine. Thus I get rid of all the stiffness I feel when waking up and I get in great condition for the rest of the day. Rick's teaching is patient, thorough, and effective.

Jul 28, 2020
by Marie Martini on Exercises For Injuries
Effective Corrective Exercise Program

My life is so much better after trying the Unlock Your Hip Flexors program. I’m sleeping through the night and not waking up in pain. I’m able to start building up my shoulder strength again now that the pain is gone.

Marie Martini
Syracuse, NY

Jul 27, 2020
by Marci Ryder on Exercises For Injuries
Changed my life!

I had chronic back issues for years and had gotten to the point that I couldn’t sleep for more than two hours without being in pain. Unlock your hip flexors changed my life and I use it at least weekly.

Jul 14, 2020
by Gary Colter on Exercises For Injuries
Unlock worked for me

I had ordered "Unlock Your Hip Flexors in 2017 but never had time to do the program because I worked around the clock all of the time. An e-mail from EFI reminded me about the program. I searched my house and found the DVD and the booklet. I did not think that it would work but I popped in the DVD and started doing the program. After doing the program every day for a week my back pain started to be alleviated and I noticed more flexibility in my movements. Previously, when I dropped something on the floor I was tempted to just leave it there - now I could actually bend enough to pick up an object on the floor with less pain. I continued doing the program and by 30 days into it my lower back pain was gone. I continue doing the program and my flexibility is increasing. Unlock Your Hip Flexors worked for me!

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